Saturday, April 5, 2014

SW Logs from Tajpur Beach

Tajpur Beach, compared to nearby sea fronts in Mandarmani and Digha has almost zero tourist population, so if you like to be all by yourself strolling leisurely on the beach, you should consider planning a visit soon. Another plus point is the absence of electricity! There are no power lines on the beach. The last light post on the approach road is at a distance of 500 meters from the sandy dunes. Now that makes it really attractive for people like me who prefer carrying their hobby (radio) around! There are few shacks lining the beach, all are locals selling tea, coconut water, fish 'n' crab fries and liquor. You can relax on the poly-vinyl chairs lining the shacks and tune-in to DX lands!

Now without much ado here are my SW logs from Tajpur beach. Enjoy! 

Date: 30 March, 2014 |  Time: 0000 UTC - 0215 UTC | RX Tecsun PL 660 

4500 KHz CNR Txr Urumqi, in Mongolian with talk at 0004UTC News by OM, SIO 444

4760 KHz AIR Port Blair Sign in followed by ID by YL and then into news (?) in Tamil, 0045 UTC Tamil songs SIO 444 

4800 KHz AIR Hyderabad 0050 UTC talk in Telegu followed by MX Nadaam SIO 555

4810 KHz AIR Bhopal 0052 UTC in Hindi, devotional songs SIO 544

4820 KHz AIR Kolkata 0054UTC with regional news in Bengali read by OM [QRM from PBS Xizang CNR1 Co-Chnl.] SIO 322

4840 KHz AIR Mumbai 0057 UTC songs in vern. SIO 444

4850 KHz CNR Txr- Urumqi in Kazakh at 0058 UTC radio ads + OM talk SIO 444

4880 KHz AIR Lucknow 0100 UTC devotional song "mata rani" OM host SIO 454

4890 KHz AIR Kurseong 0102 UTC Sehnai recital was heard followed by devotional songs in Nepali OM host SIO 544

4920 KHz AIR Chennai 0105 UTC News in Tamil, OM reader SIO 343[Co-Chnl PBS Xizang QRM S2]

4970 KHz AIR Shillong 0130 UTC in English YL host with "Thought of the day" followed by western musical program (gospel music) entitled "Dew Drops" SIO 555

4990 KHz AIR Itanagar 0145 UTC Stn. by YL followed by local news in vern. news ID again at 0149 UTC between news,  talk contd with abrupt signal cut off at 0150 UTC SIO 444 (Txr glitch?)

5040 KHz AIR Jeypore 0152 UTC Talk in Odiya by OM host SIO 434

5050 KHz AIR Aizawl 0156 UTC Stn. ID by YL Talk (news?) in vern. contd. SIO 454

5915 KHz Myanmar Radio Txr- Naypyidaw, in Burmese/dialect, at 0200 UTC talkYL news(?) SIO 544

7200 KHz Myanmar Radio Txr- Naypyidaw, in Burmese/dialect, 0205 UTC song in SEAs lang. SIO 343

9535 KHz REE Txr- Noblejas, Spain in  Spanish  Talk (news) by YL 0208- 0215 UTC SIO 433