Monday, June 30, 2014

DXing Logs from Udaipur Beach

Recently I took a break from work and daily chores and travelled to Udaipur beach and Talsari for a '2 nights and 3 day' trip. As always, I took my radio (Tecsun PL 660) with me. 

In March 2012, I had a good DX harvest while travelling to the same spot. Then I had a bagful of DX catches with just my portable Sony ICF SW 22 analog set; stations logged included - Voice of Nigeria, Sudan Radio, Shiokaze, Voice of Mongolia, as well as some exotic local pirates! With this memory intact I wanted to take my chances this time for a mid-June rain-washed solo DXpedition!

Here are my DX logs. All times are in UTC. RX used Tecsun PL 660, ANT Telescopic rod.

QTH – Oceana Tourist Complex, Udaipur Beach (West Bengal) & Talsari (Odisha)

20 June, 2014

Voice of Korea (DPRK) on 11910 KHz via Kujang (200 KW) in English, heard between 19-1920 hrs mostly propaganda of North Korean Govt and the ‘divine’ leadership of Supreme leader (dictator) Kim Jong-un SIO 444

21 June, 2014 

Voice of Mongolia on 12085 KHz via Ulaanbaatar (250 KW) in Chinese 1020-1028 hrs MX followed by ID by YL and talk heard. SIO 433

CNR2 Business Radio on 9755 KHz via Baoji-Sifangshan (100 KW) in Chinese 1030 hrs ID followed by MX tune and talk (news?) followed SIO 333

All India Radio on 13605 KHz via Bengaluru (500 KW) in English 1035 hrs talk on ‘tourist attractions of Shivsagar and Majuli in Assam by OM; at 1040 ID by OM followed by musical program ‘Juke Box’

China Radio Intl. on 13590 KHz via Beijing (500 KW) in English at 1045 hrs news on inauguration of China’s Hi-tech national super-computing centre; Talk with a prof. from Birmingham Univ. followed. SIO 434 (Parallel freq 13620 KHZ via Xian also 500 KW noted with SIO 444)

The Voice Asia on 13630 KHz via Tashkent, Uzbekistan (100 KW) in Hindi at 1050 hrs Bollywood songs being played by YL RJ song by popular playback singer Sunidhi Chauhan at 1055 hrs SIO 333

Voice of Korea (DPRK) on 13650 KHz via Kujang (200 KW) in English sign off at 1058 hrs with ID and freqs by OM followed by the usual salutation “Goodbye, this is Pyongyang” SIO 333
PBS Xinjiang on 13670 KHz via Urumqi (100 KW) in Uyghur talk by YL and OM (radio talk) at 1105 hrs SIO 323

China National Radio (CNR13) on 13700 KHz via Lingshi (100 KW) in Uyghur sign in at 1100 hrs with MX and ID by YL News followed SIO 333

China Radio Intl. on 13720 KHz via Xian (500 KW) at 1110 hrs with English program “CRI News & Reports” (also monitored parallel freq. 15755 KHz via Kashi –Saibagh 500 KW with SIO 444)

IBB (VOA) on 17850 KHz via Bandung, Thailand (250 KW), at 1115 hrs in French talk by YLs followed by MX and song by Bob Marley “no woman no cry” at 1123 hrs heard SIO 454

Voice of Khmer M'Chas Srok (CL) 17860 KHz via Dushanbe, Tajikistan (200 KW) at 1132 hrs Talk in Cambodian with mention of station name by YL monitored till 1140 hrs SIO 333

China National Radio (CNR1) dom. 17890 KHz via Beijing (100 KW) in Chinese at 1142 hrs Talk by var. YL and OM with SIO 444

Radio Riyadh (BSKSA) on 21670 KHz via Riyadh (500 KW) in Indonesian at 1145 hrs Quran teachings and interpretations in Bahasa by OM(s) SIO 545

Radio Veritas Asia on 11935 KHz via Palauig, Philippines (250 KW) sign in with signature tune at 1200 hrs with Hmong language broadcast. Talk by OM presenter heard SIO 444

VOA on 11965 KHz via Tinang 1207 hrs with talk in Burmese (world news) mention of terrorist group Boko Haram of Nigeria and related events and Syria OM and YL, SIO 444

Radio Riyadh (BSKSA) on 15120 KHz via Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, (500 KW) in Bengali at 1217 hrs talk by OM on importance of purity of mind while praying SIO 343

Radio Veritas Asia on 15225 KHz via Palauig, Philippines (250 KW) in Karen at 1220 hrs Gospel MX and talk by OM like readings from the Bible.  SIO 545

KTWR, Guam on 15390 KHz via Agana (100 KW) in Burmese at 1222 hrs talk by YL replying to questions SIO 333

HCJB Australia on 15400 KHz via Kununurra (100 KW) in Indonesian at 1225 hrs gospel MX ended followed by YL talk then chorus song followed SIO 333

Vatican Radio on 15470 KHz  via Palauig (250 KW)  in Chinese Bible prayer session with gospel preaching by OM and fellow attendees followed by YL chorus 1235 hrs SIO 444

22 June, 2014 

VOIRI on 9420 KHz via Zahedan, Iran (500 KW) in Arabic 0135 hrs YL & OM continuous talk with MX interlude heard twice, sounded like program bites. SIO 333

BBC on 9410 KHz via Dhabayya, UAE (250 KW) in Urdu at 0138 hrs report on Pakistan’s military ambush in Waziristan at possible Al Qaeda targets; Discussion on this topic followed.  SIO 444

China Radio Intl. via Kashi-Saibagh  (500 KW) in English at 0142 hrs program “world according to words” topic “ethical eaters” OM and YL presenters. SIO 444

Thazin Radio via Naypyidaw, Burma (50 KW) in Burmese (Wa dialect) at 0150 hrs ID (?) with tune stringed instrument by YL SIO 333

VOA on 9780 KHz via Iranawila, Sri Lanka (250 KW) in English at 0152 hrs “chaos in Benghazi” topic of discussion OM with reports, ends “issues in the news” VOA news id declared at 0156 hrs SIO 444

BBC on 9835 KHz via Nakhon Sawan, Thailand (250 KW) in Bengali at 0157- 0200 hrs sign off “pratyusha” Bengali magazine capsule covering the day’s news update from London H.Q. with a specific bent on Bangladesh and a minimal look into Indian media. sio 454

AIR (Vividh Bharati) on 9870 KHz via Bengaluru (500 KW) program Sangeet Sarita at 0203 hrs Hindustani Instrumental Music being played SIO 555

AIR Kolkata on 4820 KHz at 0205 hrs regional news from Kolkata station (noted a steady QRM from PBS Xizang, Lhasa) SIO 322

Vatican Radio on 15460 KHz via Palauig (250 KW) in Hindi at 0215 hrs YL reading news mostly recent visits and speeches of the Pope; SIO 232

RTV Malaysia in 6175 KHz via Kajang (100 KW) talk in Malay 0230 hrs news followed YL reader SIO 322


My First Radio Japan QSL in the A14 Season

Last week I got a pleasant surprise from NHK Radio Japan Bengali Service. In reply to my reception report of April 27, 2014, I received a beautiful QSL verification card from them along with the A14 schedule for the Bengali section.

The card depicts the photograph of a man shooting an arrow while riding a horse or ‘horseback-archery’ also called yabusame. It is part of a Shinto ritual from Kanagawa prefecture.

The QSL verifies NHK Radio Japan Bengali service transmission relayed via Kranji, Singapore, a decision which the authorities were forced to take in A14 replacing the Tashkent transmitter, which they used earlier in the last broadcasting season B13, The NHK authorities had to make this change due to popular demand from DXers and listeners alike.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Radio Dabanga Verified with QSL Card

My long cherished DX dream of verifying Radio Dabanga was fulfilled yesterday. I consider this station as one of the most attractive Clandestine Stations operating today on the shortwave spectrum. I have heard them multiple times in the past yet somehow didn't find enough confidence to send them reception report, mostly because either the signal wasn't clear enough for me to note a distinct station ID or I was lazy to pen down my report after hearing them on air. 

However, on Jun 22, 2013, I listened to their Arabic broadcast on 15725 KHz via Santa Maria di Galeria (CVA) from my QTH in Kolkata, India on my Tecsun PL310 receiver and sent my report to them right away  for verification.

It took me a couple of times to follow up with the audience relation authority and ultimately after 1 year of sending my reception report I received a full-data QSL card delivered to my address from Radio Dabanga. It was sent from Free Press Unlimited office in Amsterdam, The Nederlands.

If you want to learn more about Radio Dabanga visit their website >

You can also connect to them on Facebook - Radio Darfur


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Reception Verification from Rádio Nacional Da Amazônia

During my stint at the Mandarmani 2014 DXpedition organized by our very own Asian DX League core members in the month of January, I was fortunate to log Rádio Nacional da Amazônia transmitting from Brasilia, Brazil. It was undoubtedly the farthest log in our DXpedition trip this year. I can still remember the sports commentary by OM of an ongoing football match in (fast paced) Portuguese. I can still reminisce how we roared in unison “Brazil Brazil” breaking the silence of the night once we heard the station ID. You can have a look at our DXpedition blog post here – Asian DX League DXpedition 2014.

After returning from the DX trip I sent my reception report to EBC (Empresa Brasil de Comunicação). The first communication didn’t result in any reply, the second communication (in Feb) however resulted in a reply on March 12, confirming the reception and a note of thanks and promising a QSL is on the way! Here’s the reply (copied from email)

“Em resposta à sua manifestação, a Empresa Brasil de Comunicação EBC informa: Sr. Rajdeep Das, bom dia. A Coordenação da Rádio, em resposta a mensagem, informa que A Empresa Brasil de Comunicação está desenvolvendo um projeto para emissão de cartão QSL. Em breve, o cartão estará pronto e faremos o envio. Aproveitamos a oportunidade para agradecer por escutar nossa emissora. Atenciosamente, Jamily Lima Ouvidoria da EBC”

(Translated from Portuguese it reads)

“In response to its manifestation, Brazil Communication Company - EBC informs:Mr. Rajdeep Das, good day. Coordination of Radio, in response to message reports that Brazil's Communication Company is developing a project to issue QSL card. In brief, the card is ready and will make the shipment. We take this opportunity to thank you for listening to our station. Sincerely, Jamily Lima Ombudsman EBC”

Surprisingly another reply was received within 24 hours of my thank you mail to the above. It reads – “Mr Rajdeep, good morning. We will forward your message also the coordinator of Radio to expedite the process of making the card. Sincerely, Jamily Lima Ombudsman EBC”

However, even after waiting for close to 3 months there was no sunshine! I wrote to Ms. Jamily Lima yet again last week and this time she replied with the following –

“In response to its manifestation, Brazil Communication Company - EBC informs:Mr. Rajdeep, Thanks for the contact. Take the opportunity to thank you for listening to our transmission. We are unable to give you a date, but a public bidding process has been initiated to select a firm to print the cards. Jamily Lima Ombudsman EBC”

Thus in a nutshell, my dream of getting a verified QSL card/ eQSL from the station is yet to materialize, still even if I'm not that fortunate, the communication above sufficiently proves and validates my reception report. Also I believe as a result of my continued persuasion for their QSL card and not an eQSL they might just print a batch of card soon and post one of those mementos back to me and to a few fellow DXers who may have written to them and in the waiting much like me!


Radio Romania Intl. QSL for A14 Season New Frequency

Radio Romania International was logged on April 17th, which by the way was my first Shortwave Log for RRI in the A14 Season new 13 MB frequency of 21500 KHz. You can check the log details here in my previous post - First SW Log of A14 Season.

Today I’m happy to announce that I have received a QSL confirmation from RRI Bucharest. 

The package contained QSL card (4th card of the series “Romanian Castles and Fortresses”) along with a picture post card, A14 Schedule, Letter, Station Sticker and Pocket calendar. Bonus beautiful stamps from Romania! Enjoy the photos... 73's

DX Package from RRI Bucharest

QSL Card from RRI Bucharest card 4 of series Romanian Castles and Fortresses

QSL Card from RRI Bucharest full data card received in 57 days

View Card from Radio Romania Intl. 

View Card from Radio Romania Intl. 

IRDR Special Transmission Monitoring and QSL Response

As a long time shortwave radio hobbyist I was excited with the news of IRDR (The Trial of International Radio for Disaster Relief) conducting special SW transmissions scheduled during the Media Summit on Climate Change, ICTs and Disaster Risk Reduction 5-6 June 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The schedule was posted in the HFCC website and quickly found audience with the DX fraternity worldwide. However, with both the dates being weekdays, and during morning (work hours) there was little hope for me to DX and try to log the special transmissions.
I missed 5th June due to work but somehow managed 6th June to keep my appointments at bay and instead focused on logging IRDR transmissions in the afternoon. 
Here are my observations –

QTH – Kolkata, India | RX – Tecsun PL 660 | ANT – Telescopic Rod | Date – 06.06.2014

920-927 UTC IBB (PHT) 15650 KHz SIO 333
1015-1025 UTC AIR 15650 KHz SIO 343
1035-1045 UTC RTC in Chinese 21840 KHz SIO 433
1100-1130 UTC KTWR Guam (Eng) 15650 KHz SIO 433

Reception reports were sent to the broadcasters. 

An E-QSL was received from KTWR (Trans World Radio) Guam on June 11 for my e-report.

Here's the extract from the mail  - 

“Greetings from our sunny island of Guam,
Thank you for your reception report, we were excited and pleased to learn that our special test broadcast for International Radio for Disaster Relief was able to be heard so strongly by many listeners. I am pleased to confirm that you listened to our special test program on June 6, 2014 at 15650 kHz from 1100-1130 UTC. Here's an e-QSL for your report ... Blessings, Kathy Gregowske”