Thursday, February 5, 2015

Super Rádio Deus É Amor Logged & Verified from India

Super Rádio Deus É Amor transmitting from Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil with just 10 Kilowatt was logged on Dec 26, 2014 around 20:00 Hrs UTC from Mandarmani, West Bengal, India. Programming was in Portuguese. A male preacher was heard delivering sermon/ prayer to a house full of audience (probably one of the gospel discourses of the Pentecostal Church). The station was heard between 19:56-20:23 UTC with SIO 342-222 after which signal became almost inaudible due to heavy noise. RX used: Tecsun PL 660 Antenna: Longwire (90 mts). Here's the video of my reception:

Reception report was sent via email to IPDA in January and electronic verification was received from IPDA on that same day v/s Marcos Ribeiro (IPDA)

The English translation reads - " Good day, Thank you for listening to the signal of our radio station Super Rádio Deus É Amor (Curitiba/PR) here in Brazil." 

This was one of my farthest logs ever! The distance between the station and my QTH was a staggering 15,617 Kms and that too it transmitted its signal with just 10 KW. All in all, a fantastic DXing experience and a memory to cherish for years.

Here's a little information on the radio station and its background - 

Super Rádio Deus É Amor (God is Love) is a gospel radio station run by the IPDA ministry founded by legendary missionary David Martins Miranda. IPDA (Igreja Pentecostal Deus É Amor) was founded way back in 1962 and is well known in South American countries. IPDA's radio broadcasts are predominantly heard in local FM & AM (MW) channels in Brazil and all other South American countries, most Central American nations as well as in the USA and Canada, in both MW,SW,FM broadcast formats as well as online (worldwide) in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. 
For details visit their website:

73 & 88

Logs from ADXL DXpedition Dec 2014

The Asian DX League (ADXL) DXpedition at Mandarmani during the Christmas weekend was highly successful for me and our team. I missed one of our core member's absence this time, yet the team spirit was high! To me this time the DXped offered some great learning experiences. 

Reception wise, Mandarmani (our ADXL DXped location) continued to prove it's superiority (Tajpur should come as a close second) as per my personal observation, now that I have toured and DXed at almost every major tourist spot along the West Bengal coastline & in some spots in the neighbouring Odisha coastline. Moreover, our beverage (90x2 & 120 x1 m insulated longwire) worked as expected and we're able to log stations from North and South America with S4-5 as well as from most other continents. 

Among the most notable DX catches I must mention my log(s) of Super Rádio Deus é Amor from Curitiba, Brazil (15,617 Kms away), Radio Nacional da Amazônia from Brasilia, Brazil (15,299 Kms away). Radio Madagasikara (Madagascar), Radio Fana (Ethiopia), WEWN (USA) and many more. 

Here are my detailed logs from the DXpedition - 

Rajdeepdxer DX Logs