Friday, April 4, 2014

SW & FM DX Logs from Tajpur

The following are SW & FM logs as monitored from Tajpur during a weekend trip to this quiet beach front, just 170 KM from Kolkata. For your convenience I have collated the SW logs and FM logs separately as you can see below. Hope you will enjoy the logs ツ 

SW Logs (March 28, 2014)

13580 KHz Bangladesh Betar Txr- Dhaka 1815 UTC religious talk by YL with mention of "Allah" and "Khuda rahematgar". Followed by an oldies number by YL singer. SIO 444

13620 KHz IRIB Txr- Kamalabad 1820 UTC Sign in tune followed by talk in French SIO 343

13630 KHz IBB (VOA)  Txr- Moepeng Hill, Botswana 1825-1830 UTC in Portuguese OM with talk, News Report (?) followed by YL (correspondent) reporting on news, mention of VOA in ID at 1829 UTC followed by MX bumper contd. till 1830 UTC SIO 333

13660 KHz BBC  Txr- Dhabayya, UAE 1832 UTC in Arabic, news reader YL, OM correspondent heard with SIO 444

SW Logs (March 29, 2014)

6055 KHz Radio Rwanda Txr- Kigali 1805 UTC in French  YL + OM talk (news?) prominent African accent, MX interlude between  two news items(?) Talk contd. 1810 UTC SIO 333

5935 KHz BBC Txr -Dhabayya, UAE 1815 UTC in Somali OM talk SIO 444

5910 KHz BBC Txr- Dhabayya, UAE 1819 UTC in Dari OM talk SIO 444

5875 KHz BBC Txr- Nakhon Sawan, Thailand 1825 UTC in Dari OM and YL talk var. SIO 555

5830 KHz IBB (R. Farda) Txr- Kuwait 1827 UTC in Farsi (Persian) Song by OM in vern. SIO 454

FM Logs (March 29, 2014)

101.4 MHz Chennai  AIR Rainbow 1533 UTC with talk in Tamil by YL and OM regarding upcoming Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Elections. A report was heard 1545 UTC ID by YL followed by MX bumper and Talk by OM continued. SIO 555

101.6 MHz Colors FM, Bangladesh 1552 UTC with Bengali song followed by Stn. ID by YL RJ at 1558 UTC English songs (International chart-busters) by Pitbull and then by Katy Perry singing 'Firework' was heard with SIO 555-444

101.3 MHz Cuttack AIR Rainbow ID at 1604 UTC by YL Odiya background score (MX tune) was heard. Signal was fluttery with fading. SIO 333

102 MHZ Bangladesh Betar, Khulna 1614 UTC with Bengali song by OM (Folk) 1615 Stn. ID by OM Fair to Good signal SIO 444

102.3 MHz FM Gold (Chennai?) 1622 UTC Talk in Tamil by YL. Program on Classical music OM was heard "Flute by Sri N. Neela, Composition by S. Tyagarajan" Flute with Mridangam MX heard SIO 333

103.4 MHz AIR Puri Relay of VB (Vividh Bharati) programming heard. At 1639 UTC Stn. ID by OM followed by Talk in Odiya by OMs. SIO 555

104 MHz Fever FM, Kolkata with Hindi (Bollywood) music request show. YL RJ 1715 UTC SIO 555

QTH - Tajpur Beach, West Bengal

RX - Tecsun PL 660 (with telescopic rod)