Sunday, April 20, 2014

STF Radio International Special Broadcast

Taking a cue from my fellow DX buddies, today I logged the Special Broadcast of STF Radio International. Here are the SW log details - 

April 20, 2014 between 0445 Hrs - 0500 Hrs UTC on 17760 KHz in English with SIO: 454. Transmitter site -Trincomalee, Sri Lanka with power 125 kW. Booming signal was heard at my QTH in Kolkata, India. Surprisingly the other SW frequency listed on their website 21490 KHz was inaudible. RX Tecsun PL 660 with no external antenna (just using the fully extended telescopic rod attached to the receiver). Here's my recording -

Programming consisted of several digitally created soundtracks and ids (multiple times) was heard by OM. Reception Report was mailed to <
Visit STF Radio International's website for details: 73's

STF Radio International Special Broadcast logged with Excellent Signal