Saturday, June 14, 2014

IRDR Special Transmission Monitoring and QSL Response

As a long time shortwave radio hobbyist I was excited with the news of IRDR (The Trial of International Radio for Disaster Relief) conducting special SW transmissions scheduled during the Media Summit on Climate Change, ICTs and Disaster Risk Reduction 5-6 June 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The schedule was posted in the HFCC website and quickly found audience with the DX fraternity worldwide. However, with both the dates being weekdays, and during morning (work hours) there was little hope for me to DX and try to log the special transmissions.
I missed 5th June due to work but somehow managed 6th June to keep my appointments at bay and instead focused on logging IRDR transmissions in the afternoon. 
Here are my observations –

QTH – Kolkata, India | RX – Tecsun PL 660 | ANT – Telescopic Rod | Date – 06.06.2014

920-927 UTC IBB (PHT) 15650 KHz SIO 333
1015-1025 UTC AIR 15650 KHz SIO 343
1035-1045 UTC RTC in Chinese 21840 KHz SIO 433
1100-1130 UTC KTWR Guam (Eng) 15650 KHz SIO 433

Reception reports were sent to the broadcasters. 

An E-QSL was received from KTWR (Trans World Radio) Guam on June 11 for my e-report.

Here's the extract from the mail  - 

“Greetings from our sunny island of Guam,
Thank you for your reception report, we were excited and pleased to learn that our special test broadcast for International Radio for Disaster Relief was able to be heard so strongly by many listeners. I am pleased to confirm that you listened to our special test program on June 6, 2014 at 15650 kHz from 1100-1130 UTC. Here's an e-QSL for your report ... Blessings, Kathy Gregowske”