Saturday, May 3, 2014

Radio Free Asia New QSLs - Celebrating Asian Musical Instruments

A14 DX season started on a promising note with a bunch of QSLs already on my desk and a couple of others promised and probably in transit. Some stations like Radio Japan, Radio New Zealand and Voice of Turkey was logged recently and their new summer frequencies are received with promising signal quality from my QTH in Ballygunge, Kolkata, India. But this post does not concern my recent loggings. For that you can check my recent SW DX loggings.
This post is about the first 2 RFA QSLs in A14 received for reception reports of April 18 – World Amateur Radio Day. The cards are part of RFA’s QSL series entitled “Asian Musical Instruments” Card No. 3. The picture on the QSL is showing the Đàn tranh, which is a traditional Vietnamese stringed instrument.
This RFA QSL will be issued to all verified reception reports from April – June 2014.
 The two QSLs I received verify RFA broadcasts transmitted from Saipan and Tinian Islands (Northern Mariana Islands) respectively. 73's