Saturday, June 14, 2014

Reception Verification from Rádio Nacional Da Amazônia

During my stint at the Mandarmani 2014 DXpedition organized by our very own Asian DX League core members in the month of January, I was fortunate to log Rádio Nacional da Amazônia transmitting from Brasilia, Brazil. It was undoubtedly the farthest log in our DXpedition trip this year. I can still remember the sports commentary by OM of an ongoing football match in (fast paced) Portuguese. I can still reminisce how we roared in unison “Brazil Brazil” breaking the silence of the night once we heard the station ID. You can have a look at our DXpedition blog post here – Asian DX League DXpedition 2014.

After returning from the DX trip I sent my reception report to EBC (Empresa Brasil de Comunicação). The first communication didn’t result in any reply, the second communication (in Feb) however resulted in a reply on March 12, confirming the reception and a note of thanks and promising a QSL is on the way! Here’s the reply (copied from email)

“Em resposta à sua manifestação, a Empresa Brasil de Comunicação EBC informa: Sr. Rajdeep Das, bom dia. A Coordenação da Rádio, em resposta a mensagem, informa que A Empresa Brasil de Comunicação está desenvolvendo um projeto para emissão de cartão QSL. Em breve, o cartão estará pronto e faremos o envio. Aproveitamos a oportunidade para agradecer por escutar nossa emissora. Atenciosamente, Jamily Lima Ouvidoria da EBC”

(Translated from Portuguese it reads)

“In response to its manifestation, Brazil Communication Company - EBC informs:Mr. Rajdeep Das, good day. Coordination of Radio, in response to message reports that Brazil's Communication Company is developing a project to issue QSL card. In brief, the card is ready and will make the shipment. We take this opportunity to thank you for listening to our station. Sincerely, Jamily Lima Ombudsman EBC”

Surprisingly another reply was received within 24 hours of my thank you mail to the above. It reads – “Mr Rajdeep, good morning. We will forward your message also the coordinator of Radio to expedite the process of making the card. Sincerely, Jamily Lima Ombudsman EBC”

However, even after waiting for close to 3 months there was no sunshine! I wrote to Ms. Jamily Lima yet again last week and this time she replied with the following –

“In response to its manifestation, Brazil Communication Company - EBC informs:Mr. Rajdeep, Thanks for the contact. Take the opportunity to thank you for listening to our transmission. We are unable to give you a date, but a public bidding process has been initiated to select a firm to print the cards. Jamily Lima Ombudsman EBC”

Thus in a nutshell, my dream of getting a verified QSL card/ eQSL from the station is yet to materialize, still even if I'm not that fortunate, the communication above sufficiently proves and validates my reception report. Also I believe as a result of my continued persuasion for their QSL card and not an eQSL they might just print a batch of card soon and post one of those mementos back to me and to a few fellow DXers who may have written to them and in the waiting much like me!