Monday, September 1, 2014

DX Logs from Gopalpur on Sea

Whenever I go on a trip, be it a long vacation or a weekend escapade out of the city limits, I never forget packing in my portable radios. Listening to the same station from different location has its own charm. For example when I hear All India Radio Kolkata from my home in Kolkata it sounds different from when I listened to it in the past from Rajgir in Bihar or from Mandarmani, Tajpur, Puri, Chandipur and now from Gopalpur, it’s different every time and that’s the charm of radio listening. Plus you can tune in to the local (low powered) stations more prominently while visiting a far off location and that’s something to treasure about in our hobby. 

This time I travelled to Gopalpur beach situated about 17 KMs from Brahmapur (ex Berhampore) in Ganjam district of Odisha. Gopalpur is very close to the Andhra Pradesh state border and a very prominent Telegu (the state language of Andhra Pradesh) influence was eminent and surprisingly less Odiya influence was felt. 

Now coming back to my radio listening experience, let me tell you that during my 2.5 days at Gopalpur I could only manage 2 hours to devote myself to DXing.

Here are the logs. Receiver used Tecsun PL 310, telescopic rod antenna, all times in UTC.

Shortwave Logs

4760 KHz All India Radio Port Blair logged at 0025 hrs with Bhajan (devotional song in Hindi) followed station ID by YL Krishi Samachar (?) followed news reader OM SIO 343

4820 KHz All India Radio Kolkata logged at 0028 hrs with sehnai (wind instrument) SIO 444

6130 KHz Lao National Radio from Vientiane logged at 0035 hrs with news (?) by OM talk in Laotian. Talk continued with just one break, when YL heard (program highlights?) SIO 444

2365 (+/-) 5 KHz UNID heard 2 channels 0040 hrs with Burmese talk by YL presenter SIO 343 and co-channel a gospel program in English was noted with OM preacher(?) heard to decipher SIO 222  

15590 KHz Radio Thailand in English 0045 hrs current affairs program followed by news YL and sign off with tune at 0055 hrs SIO 444 Click to watch my video 

4800 KHz All India Radio Hyderabad with devotional music flute heard SIO 333

4810 KHz All India Radio Bhopal talk program with OM(s) SIO 233

4860 KHz All India Radio Shimla 0048 hrs program in Hindi, ‘krishi katha’ (program on agriculture & farming) talk by OM (var.) followed by Hindi song, YL ID 0100 hrs  SIO 434

4880 KHz All India Radio Lucknow devotional talk ‘significance of chanting ram naam’ spiritual discourse by OM (Hindu priest) 0102 hrs SIO 333

4835 KHz All India Radio Gangtok (Sikkim) devotional song ‘Bhajan’ by singer Anup Jalota 0104 hrs SIO 322

4920 KHz All India Radio Chennai Talk by YL followed by film songs in Tamil. At 0105 hrs station ID by YL SIO 555

4895 KHz All India Radio Kurseong Talk in Nepali heard 0110 hrs by OM SIO 322

Mediumwave Logs

558 KHz Bangladesh Betar Khulna, Sports news followed by weather update 0117 hrs YL reader SIO 444

1242 KHz All India Radio Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) Hindi song ‘Sawaar Loon' from the movie Lootera being played 0121 hrs SIO 333

657 KHz All India Radio Kolkata (A) elocution in Bengali by YL artist at 0144 hrs SIO 444

945 KHz All India Radio Sambalpur (?) (Odisha) indistinct talk probably Odiya (?) 0147 hrs SIO 222

FM Logs

98.3 MHz Radio Mirchi Vizag Id at 0156 hrs followed by talk on Allu Arjun's I AmThat Change (Latest Telugu Short Film)

92.7 MHz Big FM Vizag id at 0200 hrs program ‘Happy Morning’ YL host Telegu film songs played

73 & 88